I’m Anastasia Parris, a writer, editor, and digital marketer living and working in Nashville, TN.

I’m currently working full-time in Product Marketing at Asurion, but I have experience in:

  • Building successful marketing and customer service teams
  • Building out marketing and customer service/customer success processes and systems, including CRMs
  • Increasing web impressions and B2B lead generation through SEO content marketing
  • Conducting market research to help make informed product decisions
  • Increasing B2C and B2B2C engagement through email marketing, push notifications, and guerilla marketing

My favorite things in the world are animals & travel. I have three cats and two dogs, and I had a hedgehog until she passed of old age in early 2021. I volunteer for the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee as well as True Rescue (my local animal shelter) in my free time! My other fun fact is that I’ve traveled to all 50 states.

Check out my LinkedIn to view my whole resume, or click over to my portfolio to view my writing samples.

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