1. The Curse Of The Resting Bitch Face: A Memoir
  2. The Problem With Friends
  3. How The Importance of New Year’s Eve Evolves In Your 20’s
  4. Confession: I Like Mainstream Music
  5. College: Expectations vs. Reality
  6. Cliques
  7. Age v Maturity


  1. To Everyone Who Tore Me Down When I Was Young And Insecure
  2. Drowning
  3. Social Anxiety
  4. Forgiveness
  5. Internship Four
  6. 19.
  7. Holding Back
  8. Music City
  9. I’m A New Yorker
  10. Stable Friends In College
  11. The First One Was The Worst One (Anxiety Attack)

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  1. 16th State


  1. Candidates On The Syrian Refugee Crisis – Simplified


  1. 10 Creative Christmas Decorations That Aren’t A Christmas Tree
  2. I Love You, Merry Christmas / Christmas Lists


  1. Protecting Our Gentle Giants