Senior Market Advisors


  1. Close More Sales by Offering Options
  2. Business Expenses you can Report
  3. How to Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance
  4. How to sell Final Expense Policies
  5. More Seniors want Medicare Online: How to keep your Clients
  6. Why Medicare Advantage is Growing in Popularity
  7. Most Seniors are on Social Media
  8. Medicare Sales Tips: What Not to Say
  9. How to Keep a Routine
  10. Fact: Seniors Don’t Shop Around for Medicare
  11. Health Care Sales Tip: Selling Medicare is Like Selling Drinks
  12. How to Use Voicemail to Your Advantage
  13. Be a Senior Market Advisor, not a Seller
  14. Tips for Working on the go
  15. How to Drive Traffic to your Agent Website
  16. Talking to Clients About Your Medicare Agent Commission
  17. The Future of Mail-Order Prescriptions
  18. Create Your own Post-Sales Appointment Plan
  19. A Monthly Guide to Year-Long AEP Preparation
  20. New Year’s Resolutions for the Workplace
  21. Sales Tips for Introverts and Extroverts
  22. What You Can Learn From Your Personality Type
  23. Trying New Things | By Jeff Pitta (Ghost written)
  24. Post-AEP – What Now?
  25. The Value of a Great Field Marketing Organization
  26. How to Create Opportunities from Lost Sales
  27. How to Sell Yourself as a Medicare Expert
  28. Improve Your Sales by Improving Yourself
  29. Medicare Statistics and Facts You Should Know
  30. What MACRA Means for the Future of Medicare
  31. How to Avoid Stereotyping and Increase Your Sales
  32. How to use Your Marketing Materials
  33. How to Get Durable Medical Equipment for Your Medicare Clients
  34. Help Protect Seniors From Healthcare Scams
  35. Tell Your Clients About Paperless Medicare
  36. Tips for Staying Organized During AEP
  37. How to sell Dental Plans in Your Market
  38. How to Build Partnerships
  39. Selling Medicare to Veterans
  40. How to Advertise Your Services on Facebook
  41. How to use Transition Statements to Close More Sales
  42. Add Medicare Under 65 to Your Book of Business
  43. How to use Twitter for Referrals and Leads
  44. S.M.A.R.T Goals Defined
  45. Using Medicare to Promote Nutrition 
  46. 5 Steps to Building Your Own Website
  47. Common HIPAA Violations and How To Avoid Them
  48. Lock in Your AEP Sales Strategy
  49. The Opioid Epidemic is Plaguing Medicare Part D
  50. Know About the Medicare 8-Minute Rule
  51. When a Client says, “Let me think about it.”
  52. How to Find Your Why | From Our CEO
  53. Using Exclusivity to Gain Referrals
  54. How to Create Your Own Business Plan
  55. What is the SilverSneakers program?
  56. Why You Should Be A Senior Market Advisor
  57. How To Start Preparing For AEP Today
  58. All About FDR: First-Tier, Downstream, and Related Entities
  59. MAPD Plans vs. PDPs: The Differences You Should Know
  60. Explaining Trial Rights To Your Medicare Clients
  61. Humana Is Optimistic As Focus Shifts To Medicare Advantage
  62. Is Your Client Qualified For LIS?
  63. Looking At Medicare Summary Notices
  64. How To Use Facebook For Referrals and Leads
  65. The Importance Of Medicare For End-Of-Life Care
  66. Tell Your Clients About New Medicare Cards
  67. Watch Your Language: A Guide To The Importance Of Your Word Choices
  68. Expensive Prescriptions Are Creating A Vicious Cycle
  69. How To Create Your Own Brand
  70. Selling Across State Lines In 2017
  71. Motivational Books For Salesmen
  72. Habits For Success: What Successful Agents Do Every Day
  73. How To Keep Your Clients Engaged During Appointments
  74. Funny Insurance Ads And What We Can Learn From Them
  75. Goal Setting In The Workplace For Insurance Agents
  76. Global Health Insurance: What Works For Everyone Else?
  77. Following Up With Clients: Keys To Success
  78. 10 Networking Tips For Insurance Agents
  79. 5 Reasons Why Senior Market Advisors Is The Best FMO For You
  80. Health Insurance Training: Best Centers and Guides
  81. Health Care Coverage For Immigrants: A Brief History and Update
  82. Health Insurance Incentives & Referrals: An Agent’s Guide
  83. Sales Tracking: Making The Most Of Your Resources
  84. New York and California Racing To A Single-Payer System
  85. Evolution Of Health Care: From 2007 To Today
  86. Building Your Business With SEO and Content Marketing
  87. Blue Cross Blue Shield Rescuing Knoxville’s Obamacare Exchange
  88. Business Tools To Impress Clients
  89. The Difference Between Care And Coverage
  90. American Health Care Act Passes In Today’s House Vote
  91. D-SNP Facts & Figures
  92. Selling To Seniors: Making The Switch
  93. 10 Insurance Sales Tips To Remember
  94. In The News: Obamacare Is Failing In Knoxville, TN
  95. Simply Explained: Accountable Care Organizations
  96. Fighting Medicare Fraud, Waste, and Abuse
  97. 8 Workflow Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed
  98. Simply Explained: Medicare Savings Programs (MSPs)
  99. The Donut Hole In 2017: Updates From President Trump
  100. Retiring The CHA Brand: A Letter From Our CEO
  101. How To Generate Insurance Leads
  102. The Do’s And Don’ts Of Cross-Selling Medicare
  103. The Importance Of Selling Medicare
  104. Teach A Man To Fish
  105. Agent’s Guide To Selling Ancillary Insurance
  106. All About AHIP Certification
  107. How To Become An Insurance Agent
  108. New To Medicare: Why Sell Medicare?
  109. Consumer Costs For Original Medicare In 2017
  110. Simply Explained: The Differences Between Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements
  111. Selling Hospital Indemnity Coverage To Medicare Clients